• Work @ ADEPT

    1-year Internship at ADEPT (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    [August 2013 - July 2014]

    At ADEPT I was involved in a range of projects of varying scales - including but not limited to small scale residential, multi-unit residential, commercial, large scale refurbishments, urban design and masterplanning.

    The flat working structure at the studio meant I had the opportunity to work on many different tasks ranging from concept development, drawing, making models, visualisations to administrative tasks. It was a rewarding experience giving me the opportunity to refine and develop many skills to a professional level, it also gave me a better insight into the operations and processes at a design studio.

    Due to company policy, any work that has yet to be published by the office, is not allowed to be published elsewhere. Several projects I worked on have yet to be published therefore could not be included on the website.