• Hybrid X

    Semester 6 Project [2012]
    Located in the mono-functional Sydney CBD, with a complex brief consisting of a tunnel, a site under an overpass and a bridge in sequence. ‘Hybrid X’ seeks to address the mono-functionality of the area that has created a situation with a turbulent fluctuation of flows and uses which varies depending on the time and day. This is achieved by a sequence of spaces that regulate and respond to the dynamic change in flows of the area; a building that is able to cater for peak flows, and able to re-purpose and expand in programmatic uses when not in peak time. The end result is a network of intersecting programmatic ramp structures (as informed by locational, and time based mappings) that are able to bifurcate and respond to the flux of flows in the area. These ramp structures also the hybridisation of different programs, for example a bar vs chapel vs cinema through sharing zones leading to new programmatic opportunities.