AWR: The New Copenhagen Modern Library Competition [2014]

    The Copenhagen harbour has experienced massive transformations over the past few decades, it has come from being the largest industrial terminus in Denmark to becoming the mecca of cultural and social events. As a result of these urban transformations and attention to the restoration of an outdated sewage system, the water culture has created an abundance of new public spaces along the harbour and strengthened the identity of Copenhagen as being the most liveable city in the world and commemorated for its vision of sustainable living by 2050.

    As a modern library, BOG-ØEN plans to expand upon this existing vision, opportunistically leveraging the waterfront location. Copenhagen is known for its generous green space throughout the city. However, the water´s edge in Copenhagen is becoming the prime location for leisure activities and relaxation. BOG-ØEN will provide new modes of experiencing the water from what has been traditionally used before. This new perspective of the water will not only provide new forms of interaction with water and knowledge but also new spatial relationships in the typology’s of libraries and civic spaces.

    [In collaboration with John Kang]