• Wander-kammer

    Ghost's of Berlin Studio [2015]
    Musuem Extension for the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.
    More information coming soon.

    AWR: The New Copenhagen Modern Library Competition [2014]

    The Copenhagen harbour has experienced massive transformations over the past few decades, it has come from being the largest industrial terminus in Denmark to becoming the mecca of cultural and social events. As a result of these urban transformations and attention to the restoration of an outdated sewage system, the water culture has created an abundance of new public spaces along the harbour and strengthened the identity of Copenhagen as being the most liveable city in the world and commemorated for its vision of sustainable living by 2050.

    As a modern library, BOG-ØEN plans to expand upon this existing vision, opportunistically leveraging the waterfront location. Copenhagen is known for its generous green space throughout the city. However, the water´s edge in Copenhagen is becoming the prime location for leisure activities and relaxation. BOG-ØEN will provide new modes of experiencing the water from what has been traditionally used before. This new perspective of the water will not only provide new forms of interaction with water and knowledge but also new spatial relationships in the typology’s of libraries and civic spaces.

    [In collaboration with John Kang]

  • Uncanny Ville

    Architecture in the Age of Instant Cities pt.2 [2015]
    Coming soon...
  • Camelot

    ARCHMEDIUM Competition - Finalist [2013]

    The design for a research and visitor centre on the site believed to be ‘Camelot’ from the legends of King Arthur.

    The visitors are coming,
    Fortifications must be prepared,
    A once teeming sea separated Camelot
    from the sacred birthplace of Excalibur – the Isle of Avalon.
    After a lifetime of conquest and battles,
    It is there that Arthur’s body is laid to rest.
    It is said when he draws his sword Excalibur,
    it gives the light of thirty torches and puts his enemies to flight

    Excalibur; we are waiting for your return.

    [In collaboration with John Kang]

  • Ri-connectrio

    World Cup Pavilion Structure in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil [2013]

    People , City , Site - The Trio.. RI-CONNECT-RIO

    The tensions between contrasting social classes and political agendas can be seen as a major catalyst of fracturing the city's social framework. Is there still a chance to unify this city? There is no coincidence that football is popular in Brazil – a country with diverse social classes, it is an egalitarian sport that can be enjoyed by people of all classes and culture – it is the common thread. Maybe it is football that might stand a chance at mending the city…

    [In collaboration with John Kang]

  • You’re Fluxed

    SUPERSTUDIO Competition (National Finalist) [2011]

    Amidst fears from the opening of the CERN Large Hadron Collider we asked - what if the machine created a rupture in the space-time continuum, sending our world into a time flux, constantly jumping throughout time? What are we to do in a future where our notions of permanency and our preconceptions of architecture are at the brink of collapse?

    From our linear understanding of time, we are forced into a fragmented plane of altering realities.

    Humanity is left to adapt to the new paradigm and find new ways to live. We would have to create a new form of architecture that circumvents the flux of matter; perhaps using perishable found objects under a certain density? Our entry is an allegorical narrative confronting issues concerning social attitudes towards the built environment and concepts of ephemerality.

    [Collaborators: John Kang, Hong Nguyen]

  • S-CIRC

    ‘Mehringplatz’ (Berlin, Germany) was a prominent public urban precinct that has now fallen victim to the city’s complex history. The result of this is an area of mismatched programs, an uneasy tension between public and private spaces, and an overall hierarchical upset. Drawing from the physical limits of the site, the new project aims to create a multi-dimensional block with integrated housing, communal ‘parkways’ and public programs all organised along a network of spiralling paths that seek to create a kind of liminal porosity between the public and private realms. The project operates on a scale between building and urbanism. [2012]
  • Skin Fractures

    The Brutalist UTS Tower in Sydney has unofficially been nicknamed ‘Sydney’s ugliest building’. The project involved ‘Re-skinning’ the tower to give it a new life. Instead of simply recladding and hiding the existing structure we decided to respect and enhance the identity of the brutalist tower; subtract to add value. From solar studies, mappings of public/private spaces and permeability studies of the building a systematic network of fractures were formed. The new fractured areas of the building create a new network of multidimensional public spaces and provide a new variety of spatial experiences that combats the current monotonous conditions within the tower. The fractured areas also allow for better daylight distribution and also provide a new buffer zone for greater thermal performance. [2011]
  • Hybrid X

    Semester 6 Project [2012]
    Located in the mono-functional Sydney CBD, with a complex brief consisting of a tunnel, a site under an overpass and a bridge in sequence. ‘Hybrid X’ seeks to address the mono-functionality of the area that has created a situation with a turbulent fluctuation of flows and uses which varies depending on the time and day. This is achieved by a sequence of spaces that regulate and respond to the dynamic change in flows of the area; a building that is able to cater for peak flows, and able to re-purpose and expand in programmatic uses when not in peak time. The end result is a network of intersecting programmatic ramp structures (as informed by locational, and time based mappings) that are able to bifurcate and respond to the flux of flows in the area. These ramp structures also the hybridisation of different programs, for example a bar vs chapel vs cinema through sharing zones leading to new programmatic opportunities.

    BRB-SYDNEY - Photography Blog [2013-present]
    Featured on Tumblr Travel Spotlight - brb-sydney.tumblr.com

    BRB-SYDNEY is a photography blog I started when I left Sydney in mid 2013. It combines some of my favourite things - photography, travel, cacti and mediocrely witty remarks.

  • Work @ ADEPT

    1-year Internship at ADEPT (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    [August 2013 - July 2014]

    At ADEPT I was involved in a range of projects of varying scales - including but not limited to small scale residential, multi-unit residential, commercial, large scale refurbishments, urban design and masterplanning.

    The flat working structure at the studio meant I had the opportunity to work on many different tasks ranging from concept development, drawing, making models, visualisations to administrative tasks. It was a rewarding experience giving me the opportunity to refine and develop many skills to a professional level, it also gave me a better insight into the operations and processes at a design studio.

    Due to company policy, any work that has yet to be published by the office, is not allowed to be published elsewhere. Several projects I worked on have yet to be published therefore could not be included on the website.